The Thread Magazine is an independent student publication and the only fashion, lifestyle, and art magazine at Cornell. Thread is a conglomeration of student-made fashion, art, photography, styling, and design. It is published semesterly, and aims to showcase the interdisciplinary talents of individuals within the Cornell community through compelling visual and written storytelling.

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Kristina Linares, President                                                Alessandra Piccone, Marketing Director

Brenna Louie, Vice President                                            Mauricio Quispe, Business Director    

Nadine Fuller, Creative Director                                        Tina He, Art Director   

Avidan Grossman, Editor-in-Chief                                    Gabrielle Leung, Associate Editor-in-Chief

Hebani Duggal, Beauty Director                                       Ravenna Stafford, Styling Director

Anna Kambhampaty, Technical Director                          Omar Abdul-Rahim, Photography Director

Karson Daecher, Web Content Strategy Director             

Creative Team

Creative Team is the idea engine of the magazine. We work to create a cohesive and enticing story for each issue and collaborate with Styling, Beauty, and Art teams to design dynamic photo shoots. 

Marketing Team

The Marketing Team is responsible for the external communication of Thread, and is committed to sharing compelling original content on our digital platforms to engage and expand our audience. Through our work on social media and merchandise, we establish Thread’s branding and aim to strengthen our presence on campus and beyond.

Business Team  

The Business Team manages the magazine’s finances by securing advertisements from local businesses and conducts alumni outreach. Additionally, the team plans the Launch Party each semester and member socials.

Beauty Team

As the beauty team, we create and execute all makeup and hair looks for the publication. We are looking for not only makeup artists and hair stylists, but generally individuals with an artistic beauty perspective. Experience recommended but not necessary.

Web Content Strategy Team

The Web Content Strategy Team works to connect all aspects of Thread through our online platform. We continue to add new content and design features that correspond with our tangible magazine. We strive to promote Thread as a whole online as well while also providing individuals with a new lens into our publication.

Photography Team

We photograph, and in so doing, tie the publication together. We search for dedicated visual storytellers, looking to document both the product and the process. Photographers will work hands on at photoshoots, behind the scenes, with street style campaigns, and with online content. Camera gear required, experience recommended.

Editorial Team

We are charged with curating the editorial content of all print and online media. We are looking for writers interested in creating engaging content.

Art Team

We are post-production: we select, edit, and lay out photos for the final magazine. Must have experience in Photoshop and/or InDesign

Styling Team

Styling Team brings the magazine to life by conceptualizing and executing each photoshoot. We work closely with creative teams to collaborate on a visual, thinking about how we can embody the concept through the look. We source apparel, shoes, and accessories, prepare models, and engage in all things Production.