Through the lens: David Spector

Bright, bold, and strikingly brazen, Spector’s prominent and compelling collection Color Palettes uniquely draws upon the idea of combining photography of human form with paint and colors. His various collections and photo essays reveal a deliberate yet almost carefree manner, formed not through the pressures of formal art, but through the appreciation of one's own art.


SET Free: Evan Kharrazi

For Evan Kharrazi, dance is all about the audience. Seeking to genuinely connect with the people for whom he performs, Kharrazi, Hotel Administration senior, "looks to impact the people around him" through dance.

THe Architect: Daniel Toretsky

Unraveling an eight-food drawing of Brooklyn's Crown Heights, Daniel Toretsky reveals an anomaly of a neighborhood in which three different communities, African American, West Indian Caribbean and Lubavitch, live separate but adjacent lives. Fifth year architecture student Toretsky focused on this for his thesis, the culmination of Cornell's architecture program.

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