Oscar de la Renta

Hansika Iyer

Taking over a legendary fashion house is risky business. When Oscar de la Renta passed away late last year, he left his brand in the hands of Peter Copping, who left his position as artistic director of Nina Ricci. In his short time as creative director, Copping has maintained the integrity of Oscar de la Renta yet he has provided his own flair to the brand.

Last year’s Spring/Summer collection featured floral, girly ensembles in Spring pastels.

This year, Copping translated de la Renta’s love for Madrid and Hispanic culture into colorful, elegant designs. Carnations, de la Renta’s favorite flower, were featured on the seats of the attendees as well as on the dresses on the runway. Classic beauty looks of thick brows and red lips complimented the rich, floral designs. Copping’s designs were jaw-dropping. Seductive lace tops were paired with ruffled flamenco skirts in red and black. The traditional Spanish colors were accented with emerald, mustard, and turquoise in the more modern looks. Asymmetrical lines and chic accessories kept the line from appearing costumey, while keeping the theme strong.

This collection was especially well-received because Copping not only kept the essential elements that define Oscar de la Renta, but he also included the perfect amount of his own taste. The construction and attention to detail on the outfits were nothing short of the house’s reputation. The level of luxury was maintained, keeping the brand at the top of every celebrity’s wishlist. Copping kept de la Renta’s Spanish inspiration, floral accents, classic beauty, romantic style, and his signature ballgowns. Copping experimented with silhouettes, keeping designs sleek and more modern, as opposed to the typical poufy looks. He included more pencil skirts and blazers, and he expanded the knitwear collection. The collection contained more versatile, wearable sweaters and layers along with the traditional dresses and skirts. Peeks of lace were more lingerie inspired, making the collection a little edgier and a lot sexier.

Copping changed enough to make himself recognizable as an individual, yet he kept the morals of the house intact. He kept the same Oscar de la Renta audience, but he changed their style ever so slightly. Copping has a bright future in this company, and Oscar de la Renta’s name will remain the recognizable mouthful it has been since Jackie Kennedy’s days.